Helping small businesses discover who their customers are

  • Take the guesswork out of website visitor surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, etc. With us your survey automatically collects demographic data about each respondent. Filter and compare the answers to your survey by age, gender, location and language.

  • Find out who your customers are
    Create next generation surveys and polls. The survey connects with Facebook and knows each respondent's gender, age, first language, location, how connected he is.
  • Find out what your customers think
    Find out what your customers think by utilizing next generation surveys and polls. If your organization is on Facebook (and it should be), a quick survey can be used to engage your most loyal followers - people that actually like your business enough to declare themselves your fans.
  • Understand what you customers want
    Data is useless if you have no way of understanding it. Using respondents' Facebook Profile data, you can compare how different demographic groups answered your poll or survey. With different visualizations of your survey's responses, you can uncover what your customers really want.
  • Improve
    Now who your customers are and what they think, tailoring your site and service to their needs improves the bottom line since it brings in more sales and increases customer satisfaction.

Surveys Features

  • Surveys & Polls
    • Easily create surveys and polls
    • Survey knows respondent demographics
    • Filter and compare survey responses by demographics
    • Filter responses by time period
    • Easily filter survey data using simple rules
    • Schedule survey activity
  • Reports
    • Create and download reports & charts
    • Six types of charts - line, dot, line+dot, bar, area, pie, 3d pie
    • Browse individual responses
    • Monitor survey views and responses count
  • Facebook-related
    • Limit multiple entries by Facebook ID
    • Distribute surveys via your Facebook page
    • Respondents can comment on surveys
    • More exposure for your business on Facebook
  • Customization
    • Customizable branding
    • Customizable confirmation message
    • Redirect after completing survey
  • Survey Integration
    • Direct link
    • Facebook Page
    • Embedded

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